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    Starting from these realities and queue management the exigencies, principles and laws of these sciences, we propose a possible algorithm whose operations are constituted by the axioms necessary to objectify Eds social phenomenon at national level. The fundamental elements of the hierarchical system of physical education and sport are PEOPLE AND PHYSICAL EXERCISES. These fundamental elements of the system of physical education and sport entering into relationship, are inter conditioning from this level of the fundamental information field, they build the structures on adjacent levels and levels, which in turn become subsystems and underlying systems of the NATIONAL Phenomenon Hierarchy as its most general structure. All structures are subordinated to the purpose or its endpoint, respectively the positive influence of the physical, psychic, physiological, metric, biochemical, moral, spiritual, and physical states of the physical exercise practitioners. Modeling as a method for investigating the model of a SYSTEM, takes into account that the researched system will exist only through online queue management system its concepts of structure, state, essence, organization, etc.

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    And ONLY when searching online queue management system for a particular purpose. The phenomenon of physical education and sport through processes, activities, its actions and structures have an existing OBJECTIVE outside of our senses, and independently of them, the posture in which it is researched. The hierarchical system of physical education and sport has an ephemeral existence only at the time of its research. To be interdisciplinary researched, the Eds hierarchical system at national level can be used as a method of research and as an operational method, the only one able to obtain, process, transmit and evaluate objectively the information of the phenomenon. The mathematical models obtained with this method will be permanently filled with the philosophical models obtained also based on the same axioms of modeling, thus fulfilling the requirements of the laws and principles formulated by Cybernetics by which any theoretical philosophical statement must be confirmed or denied by mathematics physics or vice versa, when any mathematical physical affirmation is sustained or denied by philosophy the theory of the processes or phenomena.

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    It will operate with macro structural models government, ministries, federations up to the micro structural level sports branches as exercise and practitioners as fundamental models of the informational field of physical education and sport social phenomenon. To obtain the models of the Eds hierarchical system the national social phenomenon, the determination of their structures is necessary and sufficient. This axiom assumes that any philosophical, mathematical or physical pattern that will be developed is preceded by its structure. The structure of the national social phenomenon Eds consists of the groups specific to the people practicing and the specific groups of the physical exercises practiced by men as ELEMENTS (E) that are inter conditioned and influenced by the RELATIVE RELATIONS (RI) of the system as its theoretical definition. The new economic, political and social situation in our country forces us to suppose new concepts in the field of physical education and sport, in order to make this field customer queue management system more efficient.

    Objectives Starting from the customer queue management system premises the realities in our country, the hypothesis that we assumed is contrived on the belief that Physical Education and Sport in Romania, viewed as a social phenomenon at national level, could be positively influenced, comparable with the international level, in all areas and levels, in all specific processes, activities and actions, if measures are taken to target information through an interdisciplinary approach, in a team of specialists coordinated by human research look here sciences sociology, biology, motility, theory, systems theory, cybernetics, psychology, etc.