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Best Tools in Banking Queue System

Fact that the generalization of results is limited banking queue system by the fact that the survey was conducted in greece and more specifically in medallion crete, where the sample is limited, is very important. Low degree of customer response was perhaps the main limitation of this research, as most refused to complete the questionnaire, saying either they did not have time or were indifferent to the survey. Another limitation of the survey was the period of the investigation, due to the economic crisis, where consumers may have responded biased or even with a relative predisposition to the questions because they are more banking queue management system suspicious of the economic situation in their country.

The survey included bank customers, from the new store and from the august store. Sections of the chapter follow the structure of the questionnaire. Presentation of the research results starts with the demographic characteristics of the sample in order to outline the customer profile. In the following charts graph, it appears that of the total number of customers of burbank erasmus who completed the questionnaires, of the respondents are women and the remaining are men, because women and men responded to the shop in new, while in the queue management system in bank shop of august responded to men and women. In the following diagrams, we see the age distribution of the sample, which is for- year olds, for people aged -, for for- people in new of respondents are over years of age. At the august store, ages remain almost the same, with of respondents queue management system in bank aged to, from to, are from to years old and only are over years of age figure. We can say, therefore, in comparison to the two stores, that the younger ages are served by the bank s main store.

Regarding the educational level, we observe in the charts below that in total a large percentage of the users of the services of the bank are holders of a university degree, followed by with a general or vocational high school diploma, then the honorable with a high school-leaving certificate and of the respondents who are graduates of the primary school or hold a private school degree graph. We note that customers have the skills age and education to accept and assimilate new technologies and new complex financial products, taking into account that education makes it easier to understand new modern products and the use of new technologies e-banking, leasing, factoring, etc.

The collection of data from a single banking queue management system research tool is also a brake on the present work and in conjunction with the limited sample of the study limits the possibility of generalizing the results. Finally, this survey was based on the results of consumer attitudes towards a particular business and therefore we can not generalize the conclusions for all companies operating in the same industry. In this chapter we present the analysis of the results of the research, held in two branches of burbank erasmus bank in medallion prefecture in october, as they emerged after the processing of the questionnaires with the microsoft excel accounting software. The primary survey was conducted using the structured questionnaire technique with closed-ended questions and liker scale.

This enables the bank to provide alternative click here channel service, thus reducing its operating costs. The majority of the sample in both branches is owned by individuals with a stake in new and in the august store, followed by professionals with and, respectively. On the question of which bank they have chosen for their basic cooperation, the respondents replied by a large majority with a stake in new and at the august store that they have chosen the bank burbank erasmus, followed by the national bank of greece with and respectively, then alpha bank with for both branches, followed by the clients that use as the main bank of their transactions banks such as piraeus bank, pancreas cooperative bank, bank of cyprus etc.

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